It all started when…

So everyone asks us why I would even think about jumping into an adventure like IDYology.   Well let's start from the beginning......

 I live for the service industry and have worked, managed and owned restaurants/catering trucks as well as had careers in Real Estate. 

While vacationing at the river I decided after a few drinks to go ahead and jump into this new adventure.  My Family thinking I was crazy...... there was something that was pushing me to become a part of this small town.

I was so lucky to be the one chosen to take over IDYology in September of  2017.  Although the prior owner's heart and soul will always be a part of IDYology I still have put a little bit of my own touch into it.   I want IDYology to feel like it is home to our guests. I take any and all feedback and implement it into IDYology,  if I am able to.  I know we are not perfect but we literally I am giving my heart and soul to continue to make IDYology an amazing  place.  I have a great staff and without them I know I couldn't do this.    

The Amazing Artists, Musicians, Locals, and Visitors have been so welcoming and have made me feel at home. The People of IDYllwild are wonderful.  

IDYology will always be a work in progress as I am constantly adjusting to our clientele.  If you haven't been to visit us, please give us a try as we are a very eccentric Restaurant where you will feel like you belong.   



Kelli Cooper